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Log cabins are small houses which are built using logs. These wood are in various shapes and sizes. The log cabins are mostly built as a vacation home or place to stay while hunting or fishing. Most of the log cabins, constructed with less or no electrical power. Some log cabins have elementary facilities required for hunting or fishing. While other woods cabins, like the vacation homes, might consist of more facilities for you to spend and enjoy your vacation.

log homes

The log houses are usually built in the forests or by the river or on mountains etc. People who love adventure and want to cut out expensive hotel bills can prefer to build a log cabin or purchase the log house to have a wonderful vacation.

The following things are discussed in this article:
• Construction methods of Log Cabins.
• Type of milled logs.
• Tips to build a log cabin.

Construction methods of log Cabins:

There are many methods to construct log cabins, some of them are:
• Scandinavian Full Scribe.
• Flat on a flat log plan.
• Milled wood houses.
• Tight pinned butt and pass method.

Scandinavian Full Scribe Method:

The Scandinavian Full Scribe method is also known as chinks less approach is shaped naturally. The logs peeled smoothly, are placed on top of each other and are notched at the end and the corners.

Flat on flat method:

In the Flat on a flat way, the logs flattened on the top is also flattened at the bottom into a perfect rectangle and the logs are stacked on top of each other and then notched at the end and corners of the house.

Milled log homes:

The milled wood houses use a method called tongue and groove system which neatly aligns one wood on top of another and perfectly seals the wood to each other without leaving any gaps.
Tight pinned butt and pass method:
In the Tight pinned butt and pass method, the logs are not notched at the corners or the edges. The wood is in a single course, and the woods do not overlap. With steel load bearing pins the logs are fastened together.

Type of Milled logs:
  • D- Shaped logs: As the name says everything, the entire wood is shaped like the letter D, which is flat on the inside and round on the outside.
  • Full round logs: Fully round logs are round both on the inside and on the outside.
  • Square logs: Square logs are flat both on the inside and the outside.
  • Swedish Cope logs: These logs are round on the inside and out but with a groove which is shaped like a half moon.

Tips to build log houses:

One of our contributors from loghomebuildersnc.com wants to share that as the log houses are going to be used only for a short duration, make sure to build a simple and near house. Check if the finishing of your log house is perfect without any gaps or openings, Stick to the plan which you made in the beginning and try not to change much.

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