Log Houses

At Log Home Ring, we’ve been devoted to building quality log homes and log cabins in the United States for quite a few decades now. We believe in being completely honest with our customers, which is why we offer the very best in service and workmanship.

When you’re ready to choose a company to build your log home or log cabin, make sure you get all the facts. Meet the log cabin builders who will  actually do the building. We’ve seen our fair share of less than quality work in the past 35 years, something no homeowner wants to face!


TPI stands for Timber Products Inspection. If the logs are certified, every log will be stamped, certifying that they have been graded by the quality of the log.

Log Home Building & Kits

We sell complete log homes kits, with which you can build completely on your own on your own timeline, or we can build for you, partially or completely. When it comes to a log home kit, you really can’t go wrong. You have control over every single little feature and option, you know what is going where and you can put things in different places that you may prefer more. Even if you do construction completely on your own, we recommend you call us out to do a good inspection for you just to double and triple check that everything is safe, secure, and going to serve you well for a long time to come!

We can also take it completely out of your hands and just build you the ultimate log home! Other than any requests you may have, we take it completely out of your hands so you don’t have to worry about it