Making Solar Energy Work For Your Home

adding solar panels to your log cabinSomething I am sure you are aware of is that switching to solar energy is something which is useful for the planet along with your wallet, but a lot of individuals do not understand what costs are involved to get started. You are going to see that there are many different types of costs involved when you decide to switch over to solar energy, but you should also realize that these costs can be reduced from time to time. As you continue to read you are going to see that we will be discussing the expenses needed in order to get started using this sort of solar energy.

Solar Energy Panel Systems

If you have looked on Amazon or some other websites that sells solar energy panel systems, you are going to find complete systems are available to be bought, according to your power needs. Although they market these items as complete solar power systems there’s one thing you are still going to have to purchase separately and those are the batteries which are required to store the electricity. One more thing you need to bear in mind is how many batteries you’re going to wind up needing, and I ought to also point out that the batteries required will depend upon the size of the system you create. You’re going to want to buy deep cycle batteries and you’re going to find that you are going to have the ability to find these just about anywhere and the price is about $100 each.


Something I want to mention is that usually it will be more expensive to buy a complete system than to go out and invest in everything separately, and these complete systems can be quite expensive. For about $300 you’ll be able to pick up a single solar panel that provides you with 100 W of electricity, and how many you need depends on how large of a system you are building. For those people who are just looking to cut their electricity costs or power their home if they have a tiny home and they’re the only ones living there, 3 or 4 solar panels should be more than enough panels. For those of you who use loads of electricity or have loads of men and women living in your house, you are going to find that a solar panel system of 10 or even 20 solar energy panels will be required.

After you have your solar power panels and batteries, you are going to need a few other items to make your system complete, and that is going to be a power inverter and a charge controller. Something I should point out is that I cannot actually supply you with a precise cost for a power inverter, mainly because based on what size power inverter you need, will depend on just how much you need to pay for the inverter.

Typically, you are able to set up a little solar panel system, if you purchase everything separately for about $1500 to be able to get started. If you’re one of the individuals who are not handy in any way, you will most likely need somebody to install the system for you, and this obviously is something which will be an added expense.